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AppZonio provides programming services, small business e-commerce solutions, inventory synchronization, mobile app development, cloud services consulting and server | website management contracts.  AppZonio LLC is based in San Diego, CA and we are full-stack developers.

AppZonio created and manages the SHOP BOT PRO AI SITE TOOLS

We specialize in the planning and integration of AWS Cloud services.

Appzonio also provides support and customization services, version updates and new releases for the Site Store Pro eCommerce System.  

Do you have a VPS or dedicated server and need server management, troubleshooting or compliance assistance? AppZonio offers server management contracts and consulting for both Linux and Windows servers.

Have an idea for an online business and need a trusted advisor or an IT partner for your tech-stack? We can help!

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Kevin Rounsavelle

Kevin Rounsavelle
Founder and Lead Developer

Kevin Rounsavelle is the founder and lead developer at AppZonio. Kevin is a former AWS Enterprise Solutions Architect and the creator of the Site Store Pro eCommerce system.

Kevin spends most of his time writing code for new Site Store Pro ecommerce features or creating enhancements for the  SHOP BOT PRO AI TOOLS but he is also involved in the planning and/or development phase of client online store projects.

If you need assistance on your AppZonio application and schedule a mentor session, you will probably meet Kevin since he also does many of the developer training video calls.

Kevin Rounsavelle can be contacted directly through LinkedIn.
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