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Payment Terms

All custom programming projects through AppZonio require a minimum 50% deposit on projects $450.00 or greater. Projects less than $450.00 are billed upfront with the exception of projects that are 2 hours or less which can be paid after the completion of the project within 7 business days.

Website and Server Management contracts are billed monthly or quarterly depending on the client preference.

For projects that require a 50% deposit, the remaining balance is due 14 business days after the completion of the app and delivery to the client. (Delivery can either be the application | feature activation on the client’s server, public availability for a mobile app (Google Play and/or Apple App Store), internal availability for a company business app or direct download from our servers.)

Accepted Payment Methods: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Wire Transfers and Business Checks. We do not accept personal checks. If you are paying by business check, you will be required to wait a minimum of 7 business days for your check to clear prior to the start of your project. (First check payment only.)

Refunds | Project Cancellations

Refunds: For development projects less than $450.00 and/or less 6 hours of development time, you can cancel the project and receive a 100% refund up to 30 days from your original payment date.

For projects greater than $450.00 or more than 6 hours, the 50% project deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE unless the project is canceled by AppZonio. If AppZonio chooses to cancel a project, you will receive a 100% refund on all fees paid.

We do not offer any type of refund for downloadable “turn-key” software products that allow the client to test the software features prior to purchasing a license. However, if the software package is a custom project that is simply distributed as a direct download, the same refund policy outlined above for development projects will apply.

Note: If you cancel a project, you forfeit any work done on the project and cannot install, use or modify any code provided by AppZonio.

After 30 days, any deposit or payments made on a project are non-refundable unless AppZonio decides to cancel the project in which case all fees would be refunded.

Project Modifications

Prior to the start of your project or management contract, you will receive a detailed quote outlining all services provided. All development projects will include an estimated number of hours that we anticipate will be required to complete the project. You will not be billed above those estimated hours UNLESS you make modifications or additions to the original project specs.

Project Modifications To Original Quoted Specs: If a client modifies the original specifications of a development (programming) project or requires additional resources be added to a server or site management contract, the additional requirements will be billed as a NEW, SEPARATE project or contract to the original project.

The billing for the project or contract additions will follow the same billing schedule requirements as any new project. We will not modify the billing schedule for the original project to accommodate additions to the project made after the start of the original specs. Also, additions to the original project specs may not be completed in the same timeframe specified in the original project specs. If the additions require either a different completion date for the new additions and/or the new additions will modify the original project completion date, the client will be notified of the new dates and may be required to sign a contract addendum to the original project noting the modified completion schedule.

Project Discounts

Projects are initially billed on the same schedule and base rates for all clients. (See Rates). However, we reserve the right, at our discretion, to apply a discount to a project or future projects based on the volume and/or type of work required. Example: Discounts are typically applied for programming projects greater than 12 hours but we cannot discount some services such as professional onsite photography or video production services. Please note that due to the workload required on small projects, we typically do not offer any type of discount on projects less than 12 hours unless you are a repeat client with multiple previous completed projects and/or we already manage your systems and therefore can reduce our workload.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Upon completion of the project, the client will own 100% of the completed code and original work with the exception of the following situations:

  • The base code of pre-built software packages (i.e. shopping carts, CMS systems, 3rd party downloadable applications) would be protected and owned by the original software author and/or company. Custom additions made to the base software (ie.. customizations | add-ons) would be owned by the client after AppZonio finishes the project and the client has paid in full. However the original software’s source code would not be owned by the client and the ownership and intellectual property rights of the base/original software package would NOT be transferred to the client from the original author/creator.
  • Photos and video source files are typically owned by the creator and are only licensed to the end-user (client). Depending on the source of photo and video content, the client may not own the photo and video source content outright unless they specifically request and obtain copyright releases from the content author(s). The client must inquire prior to the start of the project if they will require exclusive ownership and copyright protection of source photos and video content.
  • Occasionally your project with AppZonio will require collaboration with 3rd party content creators. The 3rd party content creators may have different requirements for content IP and copyright. In the situation where AppZonio will use any 3rd party provider to complete the client project, the client will be given advance notice and the option of contracting directly with the 3rd party. The client will also be advised on the 3rd party’s IP ownership requirements.

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